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Premium Fence Installation, Repair, and Maintenance

Welcome to Best Gate & Fence Company, your trusted source for top-quality fence installation, repair, and maintenance services. With over 50 years of experience in the industry, we are experts in identifying, designing, and implementing unique fencing solutions for residential and commercial properties.

Best Gate & Fence Company

Wood Fences

Wood is a natural material that possesses many properties that make it an excellent choice for constructing fences. Although synthetic fence products have advanced significantly, no other material achieves the aesthetic of wood. Its depth, variation of color, and random imperfections cannot be duplicated. There exists many wood fence designs, ranging from classic to contemporary. Additionally, wood fences and gates can be customized according to height, picket design, and a variety of decorative accents. Beautiful and lightweight, Best Gate & Fence prefers to use cedar for its moisture and insect resistant properties, however spruce and pressure treated varieties can be important components of quality wood fences. Some of the benefits of wood fences include:

Best Gate & Fence Company

Ornamental Fences

Ornamental fence lends to old and new world designs. One can capture the sophisticated lines of a traditional style or establish the clean and contemporary feel of a linear picket fence. While steel lends itself to gate systems and provides strength and visual presence, aluminum is versatile across many applications. Ornamental aluminum fencing and gates have gained tremendous popularity for good reason. Aluminum does not rust, carries a long-lasting powder coat finish, and requires minimal to no maintenance. Some of the benefits of ornamental fences include:

Best Gate & Fence Company

Vinyl Fences

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) was perfected by Waldo Semon and the B.F. Goodrich Company in the late 1920's. Since its development, PVC has been used increasingly in construction products for its relative low cost and durability. Your PVC fence will never have to be stained, painted or sealed; simply wash off dirt or other build-up. Being a synthetic product, vinyl fencing can be manufactured to reflect many different styles, including traditional picket, tongue and groove privacy, and semi-private designs. Although white is the most common color, other colors are available, as are color blends and textured surfaces. Some of the benefits of vinyl fences include:

Best Gate & Fence Company

Composite Fences

Composite fence materials are a relatively new addition to the market that possess some desirable characteristics. Made primarily of recycled materials, composite fences are not as readily effected by outdoor environmental conditions; in comparison with natural wood fences. However, composite fences provide texture, coloration, and strength often associated with wood. Wind resistant and low maintenance, composite fences provide a vertical or horizontal picket orientation, and can be customized for height, style, and slope. Some of the benefits of ornamental fences include:

Best Gate & Fence Company

Chain Link Fence

Chain link fencing is an enduring design due to its moderate cost, utility, and versatility. With extensive commercial and residential applications, chain link fencing provides security, durability, and even privacy with the addition of slats or fabric screens. An important characteristic of chain link fencing is the extent to which it can be modified. Qualified installers can modify its height, adapt the fence for increased security, and effectively install the product in challenging physical environments.

Best Gate & Fence Company

Deer Fence

Deer fence shares many characteristics with chain link fencing. Both fence systems use a wire body that is fastened to a series of posts. Yet chain link fences share more in common with other, more traditional, fence structures than what is popularly referred to as deer fence. Whereas chain link fences include a top rail, deer fences use a coil spring. Deer fences usually receive concrete footings at terminals and gates posts, while chain link fences are provided footings for each individual post. Another distinction is that deer fence wire, often hexagonal or welded, are a higher gauge; therefore less visible and likely less aesthetically intrusive on the natural environment.

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